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If you "Danced the Night Away" with E.C.H.O. on the evening of Oct. 22, you know the name is an acronym for Emergency Children's Help Organization, newly established with the purpose of assisting children and families with special needs.

But for those who were unable to attend and perhaps are unfamiliar with the organization – allow us to fill you in.
E.C.H.O. was formed in April 2008 by Sebastian Angelico and a dynamic group of executive board members who have pledged their support to families of seriously ill children who, due to financial burden, might possibly be denied proper health care.
E.C.H.O.'s mission: To accumulate resources to benefit the welfare of a child.
So then, as a way to express their interest and support, and celebrate the success of the organization, a whopping 600 revelers gathered at the lush, Colonial-inspired Eagle Oaks Golf Country Club in Farmingdale, N.J., to salute the foundation, and discover the generous way it has embraced the community and the manner in which the foundation, still in its infant stages, has benefited children and families.

In fact, during the evening's fare, Heather Fiorentino, mother of 4-year-old Gabriella, felt moved to grace the podium to deliver a heartfelt testimonial on behalf of her daughter, who was diagnosed last year with a non-malignant brain tumor.
In addition to the six-hour surgery necessary to excise the tumor, Gabriella had to cope with post-surgery intravenous medications she needed because of a bacterial infection she'd contracted during her lengthy hospital stay.
Upon hearing of the family's plight, E.C.H.O. stepped in to offer their support as well as monetary assistance.
And when asked about her condition, Gabriella, who's now doing well and is back to school, is quick to explain with a chuckle that her tumor has made her very strong, inasmuch as she's used to hearing accolades for her strength and perseverance.
Mom Heather, dad Robert and sister Daniella, 7, will be eternally grateful to E.C.H.O., a host of individuals whom Heather refers to as her angels.

Honorees for the evening were ...

Cesar Claro, executive director of the Richmond Country Savings Foundation and President and CEO of the Staten Island Development Corp (www.SIEDC.org)

Greg Murphy of ICAP Securities.

Darry Dawkins of the Phil 76ers

John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls rock band.

Those interested in learning more about the organization and/or in making a donation should contact E.C.H.O. at 718 967-9086.